April 27th

     9am til 4PM

Tour Old Smartsville

Some wonderful folks from the Motherload Goldhounds will teach kids of all ages the skill of panning for gold.

A self-guided tour brochure of the way it was in the old days in Smartsville. Look for the markers and follow the trail. Hear some stories from the Sage of Smartsville George Rigby.


Tour inside the Historic church 

Acorn processing was an important staple food for the native people who inhabited the foothill region we now call Smartsville. Carolyn Jones-Rogers will demonstrate all the necessary steps in the process; cracking, shelling, pounding, and leaching, to make them edible. You are welcome to sit in her circle and experience the process yourself. Many of our areas residents such as our own SCRFI secretary Janet Burton still collect. process and use the acorns in their diets today. Carolyn will have some cookies that are made from acorn meal available to sample.

Learn to pan gold From the experts.

Experience Acorn Processing

  • Hear the story of Father Twomey Smartsville's beloved Priest
  • Learn how the construction was accomplished using local materials like rough hewn beams
  • See a display of mortise and tenon joinery, talk with folks who are knowledgeable about the restoration
  • See a collection of photos from the town's Hey Day