Pioneer Day started out as a way to get people to come to Smartsville to see the work we have done on the restoration of the former Church of the Immaculate Conception. Then we thought a dose of gold rush living history would be fun to demonstrate what the area was like and why the church was such an important part of the community.

We thought some music would be festive and of course some great food is necessary for any party. Activities for the kids makes it really  family friendly and educational. It is a good cause as all the proceeds go towards the restoration.


Since we are  trying to show what the town was like we had to tell about the folks who settled here. Along the way we started connecting with  descendants of some of the town's early settlers. Many come to see where Smartsville, Timbuctoo and Sucker Flat were and what they were like. It has turned into a family reunion of sorts. We have been able to learn more about the original settlers and even unite cousins who had lost track of the family tree and introduced people whose ancestors were neighbors and  friends.

The Pioneer Day STORY


April 27th

     9am til 4PM

Now it has become something that locals and people from out of town look forward to.  Some even come back again and again, so whether you have been before or are new to our festival we welcome you!

The Best SMall Gold Rush Festival in California