April 27th

     9am til 4PM

Pioneer Descendants Welcomed

Several years ago we met the Jim and his family, Hapgood and Marple descendants? They have the distinction of being the only Timbuctoo Family to be able to see their former home still standing.

You may meet someone whose great-great-grand-parents were friends with your great-great- grand-parents. You may even meet some distant relative that you never knew existed. Descendents are encouraged to come and share stories and pictures with others and maybe even record an oral history.

Pioneer Descendants

FR. Dan will be at Pioneer Day with another descendant we met last year, Tom Duhain, who is also a Sacramento resident and a friend of Fr. Dan. Tom also has a Smartsville connection. His Great-Grandfather was Charles Clovis Duhain an original resident of Smartsville and a merchant and mine investor. The original town survey listed him as owner several parcels to the east of the church. Tom is also deacon in the Catholic Church. 

Visit our historic cemeteries and find the graves of  your ancestors. Take in the scenic tours and enjoy the natural beauty of the Yuba foothills.  

Descendants of previous residents of the area are invited to come and participate in a unique kind of reunion - A get together of people who have in common  ancestors with a pioneering spirit who once called this place home.

Every year we reach more and more of you. It’s kind of like a big family reunion. Often we connect distant cousins with some they didn’t know existed. This year we met many we had never known before and we are so happy to get to know them. In some cases descendants can tell us stories of their families past and other descendants may be seeking information, and we do our best to help. One thing is for sure Pioneer Day is a great place to come and see what the place your ancestors called home was like and to connect with other people with similar backgrounds. If you are a descendant check out the Descendant displays and introduce yourself to Kathy. Ask about the Rose Bar Township Tree. It is like a family tree for the towns that made up the Rose Bar Township, Smartsville - Timbuctoo - Sucker Flat -Empire Ranch and more.

We met Daniel Madigan in 2009. He is a retired priest from the Sacramento Diocese. He had just discovered on a trip to his Native Ireland that he had two Great Uncles who were Priests in California. One was Daniel O’Sullivan the first resident priest to serve the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Smartsville and he was the pastor there from 1872 to 1878.

Descendants of the settlers play an important part in Pioneer Day. It is through their participation that we learn the stories of those settlers and understand how their lives inform our own. We really appreciate all of you who come to share your stories and learn from one another.
If you are a descendant and are coming to Pioneer Day this year plese let us know so we will be looking out for you.

These two ladies came from the east coast to come and see where their ancestors had lived.  If you don't know about your Rose Bar ancestors come see our Rose Bar Family Tree. We will also have lots of genealogical information for those just getting started in finding out more about their ancestors.